Pearl Binder, a Real East End artist

Pearl Binder has been somewhat of a favourite, ever since I stumbled across her 1942 Puffin Picture Book, Misha Learns English. It's an interesting book, on many levels, not least for the vibrant lithos and the charming propaganda tale within, but also because of the context of the book and how, very significantly, Pearl Binder can be seem almost as the 'godmother' of the Puffin Picture Book series. 


Pearl Binder's story is a fascinating. Bought up in Salford, from Russian Jewish origins she moved to London in her early 20s to continue her studies at The Central School. She made her home in the East End of London, settling into the Jewish community, and soon began drawing and painting local life and characters.  If you are fortunate enough to stumble across Burke's The Real East End (1934) you'll find some wonderfully evocative black and white lithographs of pre-war East London. 

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