Jonny Hannah

Southward Ho Brighton.jpg

Jonny is a true original, a one-off. Born in the Land of Jimmy Shand he has now arrived, via Liverpool and the Royal College of Art, to the sound of seagulls and mermaids in Southampton. In reality Jonny inhibits another world, where hipsters finger-pop and shady deals are made in end of pier tattoo parlours. Jonny's Dark Town invades his work, the visual equivalent of Tom Waits, or Graham Green's wonderful creation, Piggy. 

Jonny's fascination with faded Americana mirrors that of Lucinda Williams, whose sweet songs of sad girls, and echoes of Hank Williams and Guthrie's Dust Bowl Ballads all resonate with Jonny.

Jonny too has dug deep into the unromantic corners of Englishness. Grimy parlours, fairground attractions, the strong man, the seafarer, all have been explored by Jonny in a myriad of prints, paintings, handmade books and painted objects.

Jonny is currently finishing a new Bantam Picture Book to accompany the special edition of Noel Carrington, Nothing Need be Ugly.